4 Must-Have Qualities in Every Sales Team Manager

With so many different opportunities for advancement and a large pool of talent in the workforce today, most sales teams don’t have to look too far when looking to hire a new manager. Your team is probably full of talented sales representatives, but how do you discern who is the right person to lead? Here are 4 qualities that can help you choose the right person to keep your company moving forward:

High Emotional IQ: Great sales managers can recognize their team’s emotions, understand what they are telling them, and how that will impact their results. Each member of the team has different personality traits and needs to be successful, so it is crucial to understand each person to properly help direct positive outcomes for the team as a whole. 

Ability to Forecast the Sales Team’s Results: Forecasting results is essential to the business because it helps the company make important decisions like hiring, pricing, etc. Good managers have a keen eye for accurately predicting their sales team’s numbers.

Be able to motivate team growth: Through preaching hard work, developing team member skills, and offering constructive feedback, good sales managers have the personality to drive their team members to want to be successful, which will lead to results.

Highlight Team Successes: Selling products takes a lot of hard work. Whether it’s when a salesman closes a deal, or the team finally hits their quota for the month, celebrating any win can be a great way to keep morale high and gain the respect needed to be a proper leader. 

Selecting a leader does ultimately boil down to how the individual stands within the company's values, and can, therefore, vary from company to company. We think that these four traits are a good starting point to help narrow down the selection.