Targeted Focus is a growing, vibrant company that offers exciting opportunities to its employees. Over the years, significant investment has seen us expand and diversify into a medium-sized company. We have maintained stability and profitability in this environment of change and growth. Apart from that, we have a unique training program that supports our team members in developing the skills to be successful franchisees in our business.

Learning Experience

A growing organization is always learning. After all, one of our beliefs is curiosity, and we strive for our people to be lifelong students. Our goal at Targeted Focus is to provide our people with possibilities for both professional and personal growth. We lead training and need assessments to refine our focus and resources on what representatives want to learn. We use a combination of advanced internal training, one-on-one mentorship, and systematic training created by certified specialists throughout the year.

Our proven three-step process ensures that all our representatives are trained to succeed in our business:

  • Day One

    On the first day, we start by running you through our operations. This involves walking around the department and friendly meet and greets with leadership figures. We will guide weekly standard operating procedures, including H.R., payroll, leadership training, sales training.

  • Day Two

    Day two starts with revising all the training from day one. We explain how to move with urgency and explain why. We will assign each new hire to a division. Our department ranges from selling products in retailers, including our “pop up shops,” service department, charity food bank program, and medical sales.

  • Day Three

    We begin the third day by teaching starter communication techniques regarding the division or program the new hire is allocated. The day starts with goal setting and teaching the significance of creating a plan to be effective. We concentrate on time management and how to devote the time in your day to increase productivity.

If you have everything it takes to scale up the ladder, please send us a cover letter and your resumé to

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