What is it like working at Targeted Focus?

Our people are passionate. They are ready to work hard to help our clients win and eventually make a difference in the industry. Our commitment to shaping the world we want to live in takes more than an innovative vision and progressive thinking; we are also empowered to build and have the trust and courage to act. Everyone’s voice is heard, and their opinions matter. Every day, life at Targeted Focus is paced by a spirit of support and respect for the individual. We grow with teamwork, open dialogue and learning in a fast-paced environment.

We gain strength from our open and diverse setting where we can be our true selves. Together, all of these attributes make us who we are – and the reasons why the representatives of Targeted Focus are engaged and why people want to do business with us. It is what builds a robust platform from which our clients’ brands can surpass their competition.

Management Training

We also provide management training aimed at strengthening an associates’ abilities as a leader and manager. Right from day one, we empower you to become a better version of yourself. Our high-quality training opportunities ensure that our team gets personal guidance and professional development. Be it new manager training or our e-courses, our team’s training and development have always been our priority. Once your sales skills are effective, we will be teaching you sales and business management. This immersive learning program sets every person up for success.


Transparency can go a long way in an age where authenticity is paramount. Therefore we have built an atmosphere where you can be yourself, and we want to listen to your different experiences and backgrounds. We want our people to know that they’re trusted and valued through our open and transparent culture, all working toward a common goal. Moreover, we define integrity as the act of carrying ourselves sincerely and ethically with everyone we do business with. Specifically, this means honest interaction, being considerate of timelines and budgets and taking accountability for everything we do.

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